Dammit Hamate

Players Weekend gave us some fashion statements we loved, and some we really didn’t appreciate. Bone issues keep taking our baseball boyfriends and the second woman umpires at home plate for the Little League World Series Championship Game

Patti, Pottymouth, and Big Papi all took kids to college last week, and everyone lived through it.

Players Weekend gave us some fashion statements we loved, and some we really didn’t appreciate. Mookie Betts honoring Big Papi with his cleat design, and Aaron Judge having all 200+ Little League World Series players sign his cleats? Definitely in the plus column. Tributes to Tyler Skaggs?  We’re here for it. But those monochrome, unreadable unis that made some players look like umpires and others like Spaceballs and inspired Hunter Pence to perform as a mime… wait, we’ll keep that last one.

Hamate bone issues keep taking out our baseball boyfriends. This week, the appendix of the hand may end Jose Ramirez’s season, and the four-week recovery mark isn’t doing it for Joey Gallo. Pottymouth still says hamate surgery gives players superpowers in the long run, a la Giancarlo Stanton, but Patti wants those J-Ram fantasy points now, thank you very much, and her Cleveland team can’t afford to lose him on the brink of playoffs either.

Pottymouth loses a boyfriend as Cervelli goes to Atlanta for a song. Cody Bellinger loses his pants as he tries to take one base too many (but the Dodger Blue shorts really do pop against the Player’s weekend uniforms). Busch Stadium loses its “M” as Paul DeJong hits a movie-worthy homer and takes out some lights.

Yasiel Puig
spends a day off visiting kids with cancer and blood diseases at their sleepaway camp. Dance parties, Where’s Waldo, and new respect from Patti and the Pottymouth ensue.

Justin Verlander and the Astros
make some questionable, possibly agreement-breaking, moves against the Detroit Free Press and it ain’t over. These were actually written rules so they can’t be punished by a fastball behind the back.

FIrst round draft pick Adley Rutschman continues to move up through the minors at a heckuva pace, earning boyfriend-in-training points along the way. Being nice to kids is kind of a sure thing.

We learn more about Kelly Dine, the second woman ever to umpire at home plate for the Little League World Series championship game, and happily, so does the rest of the LLWS-watching world.  Congrats to Louisiana for your stellar shut-out win, and also to Curacao for your skill, your sense of fun, and your sportsmanship (you were really our favorite).

A whole bunch of women played baseball in a World Cup qualifying international tournament, and almost nobody paid attention. The US women went undefeated and brought home the gold medal. A no-hitter was pitched, a cycle was hit. The US, Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela qualified for world cup play. But the field wasn’t covered in the rain, the schedule was a moving target, and the only coverage was Spanish language You Tube.  Kudos to our own Pottymouth for helping to translate some of the commentary into English in the You Tube comment stream.  If only there were some TV stations dedicated to sports programming so that wider broadcasts could be made available.  Oh, wait.

Padres Jumbotron Rick-Rolled the visiting Red Sox fans and Patti can’t stop watching it.  Pottymouth, however, appears to be over it.

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