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BONUS: Coach Whitey

Coach Andrew Whitener (Coach Whitey), head strength and conditioning coach at DC Dynasty and owner of District Performance, talks with Patti and the Pottymouth about training players from DC Girls Baseball in this bonus episode of No Crying In Baseball.

Premeditated Retaliation

Did the Red Sox really do their due diligence around Alex Verdugo? Police reports indicate otherwise. But he just wants to move on. Astros owner Jim Crane apologized by stating he shouldn’t be held accountable. Just wants to move on. Former Astros apologize much better than current Astros, who can’t seem to stop talking, but just want to move on.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

New information on the Astros cheating scandal implicates interns, Excel, and Harry Potter. Were the right people punished? At the time of recording, the Mookie Betts trade remained up in the air, leading us to agree with Justin Turner that journalists shoving decorum to the side to get a scoop can make a real mess of things. Congrats to the champions of this year’s Caribbean Series, Toros del Este. Finally, please join with 100+ mayors around the country to share your stories of why minor league ball is a vital part of your community.

A Squirrel, a Polar Bear, the Beast and Superman walk into a bar...

We get way into the weeds around the Astros cheating scandal and cite a few studies trying to get at what players were doing. Pottymouth channels her inner Whitney to introduce her new Cleveland boyfriend, that “big happy chunk of ball destruction” Franmil Reyes. Robinson Canó and some of NCiB’s other favorite guys lead a march in the Dominican Republic to end violence against women. Finally, Kris Bryant loses his service time grievance, a bad sign for up-and-coming minor leaguers and the future of fair labor practices in baseball.

Just Wait ‘Til Next Year, Omar

Patti and the Pottymouth pull out their Mom cred to jump on Scott Boras’ assertions that the Astros players don’t need to apologize. We stay clear of ongoing investigations and select new kids, Bobby Dalbec and Marcus Wilson, as our Red Sox boyfriends. Patti and the Pottymouth report back from their happy hour with the adults behind DC Girls Baseball and are here to tell you what you can do to support girls playing baseball where you live.

A Little Bit Happy, A Little Bit WTF

Boyfriends this week come from the Rangers and the Cubs. We are overjoyed to cheer on Alyssa Nakken, the first female full time coach in the majors, and give Gabe Kapler grudging credit for a good hire and Patti and the Pottymouth perform a public service by saving their Astros Cheating Scandal rant until the end of the show, so they can set you up with the happy first.

Patti Breaks up with Anthony Rendon

Patti explains Arbitration, and runs through NCIB boyfriends past and present heading down the file and trial road. Mookie and Cody set records for deals.

Wild Boars, WAR, and A*&hole of the Year Award

In the first episode of the new year, we bestow our very first A*&hole of the year award to Domingo Germán, who earned the league’s longest suspension for violation of the domestic abuse policy for a player not formally charged. The Yankees clean house in training and conditioning and Pottymouth introduces us to Jazzmine Rivera, the first Hispanic woman to play collegiate baseball. Patti explains WAR, and what it is good for (absolutely something). All this, and Patti tries to roll a few Rs, and Pottymouth goads her into swearing.

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