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Inside (the) Baseball

Dr. Meredith Wills joins us to science the heck out of baseball construction, throwing humidors into the mix of what's up with the ball this year. Adley Rutschman's call up provides both Patti's best baseball day ever, and a plot twist. We say "as a knitter," "frizzy hair solution," and "you can shuffle Juan."

I Could Be Pitchcom

Forever Boyfriends past and present walk, cycle, and switch hit into history. Cuba and Curaçao put Serie del Caribe 2023 on our calendars early. There are superpowers, childhood dreams, and a good day's work. We say “pocket-sized alien,” “Mark Wahlberg and a beer,'' and “The woodsy i invented all by myself.”

Orange Makes it Brunch

Our Mother's Day recording features an unusual number of people named Pottymouth, a AAA visit to boyfriends past, yet more Adley Watch and fourth graders meeting heroes, and fireside baseball stories with friends and family. We say, “Family baseball dynamics,” It’s early and coffee instead of later and beer,” and “The zombie verb you are looking for.”

Fight Me

Christian Pache, the Contreras brothers and the “brothers” from the Bahamas warm our hearts this week, and even under suspension Trevor Bauer is exhausting. We are officially on Adley Watch. We say “Kiké pants,” “Going down rabbit holes with tequila,” and “It's a good thing that I’m well oiled for this one.”

The Wrong Kind of Beer Parade

In this snack-sized episode, Patti and Pottymouth hit the road to see some High-A baseball and record on location at Wilmington Brew Works. Yankees fans pelt Guardians outfielders with debris and it may be our fault for not including “Just don’t throw shit on the field” in our ballpark rules. Hey Miggy! We say “Mr. Celery,” “karma bit them in the butt,” and “Nakken rhymes with Kraken.”

Rum is the Death of Us

Alyssa Nakken does her job and history is made. Alec Bohm is a pottymouth, Ke'Bryan Hayes gets beer money, and we take Albert Pujols very personally. We say “fragile masculinity issues,” “when does it stop being weird?” and “I vote for hoodwinking.”

Don’t Question the Voice in Your Head

Our opening weekend reviews are in! We've got highlights from Seth Beer, Teo Hernandez, Bobby Witt Jr., and Nelson Cruz, and lowlights from bench-clearing conversations and technology-induced labor rants. We debate sock height, what “striking out the side” really means, and impose our own rules for ballpark behavior. We say “extra slippy,” “I can hook you up with that koozie,” and “our frickin’ Church of Baseball.”

Udders Up!

Patti and the Pottymouth boldly predict the upcoming season’s award winners and champions. Our logic is as airtight as you would expect. We say “the piña poof,” “Say Yes to the Beverages,” and “I have Monkees 45s.”

Vigilant and Unpredictable

Patti and the Pottymouth reveal their Fantasy Boyfriend Baseball rosters for the new season, backing up their selections with references to Wardle vs Wordle strategies, adult beverages, philanthropy, children, and cars. There's fun with vaccine mandates, sticky stuff, and Bernie Sanders. We say “hogwashy,” “if she says so, it IS so,” “back up articulation,” and refer to the Blue Jays as “that other bird.”

March is Mad and Rocking

We introduce our fantasy league pitching squads from the Giants and Hammers, catch you up with the splashy homecomings and big bat moves involving former NCiB boyfriends, and pay attention to possibly landscape-shifting minor league news. We say “horrific piece of legislation,” “a lot of people spend a lot of time on those bridesmaids,” and “Benji but with schnauzer ears.”

Ideally, You Have an Adult Beverage in One Hand

In this super-sized episode we walk you through the new CBA, choose Rays and Giants boyfriends, and nurse Pottymouth through a harsh baseball boyfriend break-up. We say “Ukraine strong,” “99 bottles of beer on the wall,” and “pour one out for the DH.”

Can We Also Ban Rob Manfred?

There should be a new NCiB drinking game for the number of times we say “league-imposed lock-out” in this episode. Astros and Dodgers boyfriend picks! We say “our pal Bernie Sanders” and “The owners should suck it the hell up and write big honking checks.”

We Digress or We Drink

We get feisty over “hostile” CBA negotiations, and stand with “furious” players. We profile our new White Sox and Brewers boyfriends. We say “Sistine Chapel”, “Did a Google,” and “Backseat Hairbrush.”

How Much Money Do You NEED?

Patti and the Pottymouth get past "inexplicable grudges" to name Yankees and Cardinals boyfriends, discuss the Juan Soto deal that got away, and consider the implications of the testimony in the Eric Kay trial. We say Haitian/Dominican political situation, trans flag, and deep down I'm Ironman.

Get the Puck Outta Here

We cross-train with Olympic hockey and a Big Game, profile boyfriends on the Red Sox and Hammers, discuss the longest police blotter of all time, and catch up on CBA negotiations. We say “Contrerii,” “Austin Adjacent,” and “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

Baseball Boyfriend Trifectas

CBA negotiations heat up, Cowboy Joe hangs it up, and Colombia blows it up. We complete So Many Sets with our boyfriend picks for the Blue Jays and the Reds. We say CTRL-F is my friend, thrusty swivel, and breakfast hockey

Drugs are Different Than Rules

NCiB's take on HoF voting gets all school teacher-y except for the road trip part. We've got Mariners and Phillies boyfriends, and catch you up on Serie del Caribe, already in progress. We make beer science happen, and say “sportsy,’ “rubric,” and “Who Dey.”

21 Pun Salute

Roberto Clemente comes up a LOT in our As and Padres boyfriend picks, and we've got a new forever bf in town. Winter ball has it all going on as we are days away from the Serie del Caribe, and Tampreal was never going to happen. We say “omicrony,” “did you just squirt the cat?” and “I can’t believe I didn’t say Schwah-bah.”

Glass Ceilings and Outfield Walls

It's our first time declaring Guardians Boyfriends! Mets are also in the mix. It was the week of hiring women coaches, signing international prospects, and moving left field walls. We say travesty, Wordle, and flask.

The Donut Hole of Limbo

The lockout means Joey Cora can get a job but Adam Eaton cannot. Have tissues at the ready for stories of our Angels and Rockies boyfriends. We've got an I told you so about Genevieve Beacom. We say “spreadsheet envy, “the the angels angels,” and “Joey from Friends.”

Not A Drinking Game – But it Could Be

Anzoátegui is the new “adorable.” Pottymouth’s favorite word to say not only comes up in our international baseball segment, but sneaks its way in to this week’s boyfriend picks for the Tigers and the Cubs! We begin and end with some winter heartwarmers of Minor League owners and hockey fans changing lives for the better, and we break those warm hearts a little in between. We say “wire fraud,” “Yabba Dab Baddoo,” and “hippo needed a date.”

Pottymouth: Origin Story

It wasn’t a spider bite or gamma rays that gave Pottymouth her Red Sox fandom superpowers, it was her Dad. Hear Bob’s stories of Ted Williams, childhood trips to watch the home team from the bleachers, brushes with fame, and the nice Jewish boys playing for the church league.

Beer with Grammy Pat

Our Royals and Marlins boyfriends give us a chance to revisit thoughts on PEDs, make bold predictions, hope for A+s over assholes, and want to drink with grandmas. Pottymouth's dad shares a Ted Williams story. We say “outfit,” “King of Staten Island,” and “naked, horizontal agreement." Ep 219 12/28

Smokey Things and Santa Hats

Beer, babies in slings, and pop culture drive our Twins BF picks, while Pottymouth smartly sticks with a forever BF on the Nationals and Patti goes against type and all in on New Guy. There's crosstraining with cover-ups and COVID, and we say drag queens, 420, “that hair stays in town,” and use “Max Scherzer” as a verb.

Vulgarity, Desperation, and Shots

Fueled by local distilleries and breweries, Patti and the Pottymouth present their new boyfriend selections from the Rangers and the Pirates, propose a science project involving the rate at which Clint Frazier’s hair grows, and celebrate Minnie Miñoso. We say aguardiente, professional bull riding, and fluffy haired folk.

Our Boyfriends are Back, and Locked Out

Patti and the Pottymouth counter the lockout with a new round of baseball boyfriends, sharing their picks for the Orioles and Diamondbacks. Our favorite astrophysicist proves that MLB secretly used two completely different baseballs last season. We say “rankling”, “Dusty Baker lit it up”, and “I fact-checked my dad.”

No As*h&les at the Bar

That’s how we define a successful boyfriend season -- some we picked too soon, some didn’t live up to the hype, some left town, many were all we hoped for and more, but nobody broke our hearts. There are vocabulary words in two languages to prep you for both contract negotiations and winter ball. We say froo-froo shit, hat trick, and double-fisting hard seltzers.

Undisclosed Sums of Money

There are two Guardian teams in town, and no one is saying but one of them may be a fairly wealthy roller derby team. Yasiel Puig settled a civil suit to make sexual assault go away and wants back into MLB. MLB teams will now provide housing for minor league players. We say Political Opinions Above Replacement, tofurky, and Bob Dole.

Mischief Managed

Vote on the pants and hair. That’s how Award Season: Boyfriend Edition might play out. The GM Meeting was "business as usual" with a side order of Scott Boras speaking truth about tanking. We lean into the labor issues, enjoy an international cross-over episode, and say “shenanigans,” “Mountcastle was robbed,” and “eat the rich.”

We All Need a Buster Hug

We cry a little into our brunch beer over Buster Posey’s retirement. Our World Series wrap up includes Pottymouth’s dream job, Joc’s Mardis Gras moment, Freddie, Eddie, and Jorge, and a better way to honor 44 than just playing with numbers. We talk lock-outs, Hot Stove and winter ball. We say bobblehead color problem, shiny baseball jacket, and “idioma anglosajón”

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