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A Little Bit Happy, A Little Bit WTF

Boyfriends this week come from the Rangers and the Cubs. We are overjoyed to cheer on Alyssa Nakken, the first female full time coach in the majors, and give Gabe Kapler grudging credit for a good hire and Patti and the Pottymouth perform a public service by saving their Astros Cheating Scandal rant until the end of the show, so they can set you up with the happy first.

Patti Breaks up with Anthony Rendon

Patti explains Arbitration, and runs through NCIB boyfriends past and present heading down the file and trial road. Mookie and Cody set records for deals.

Wild Boars, WAR, and A*&hole of the Year Award

In the first episode of the new year, we bestow our very first A*&hole of the year award to Domingo Germán, who earned the league’s longest suspension for violation of the domestic abuse policy for a player not formally charged. The Yankees clean house in training and conditioning and Pottymouth introduces us to Jazzmine Rivera, the first Hispanic woman to play collegiate baseball. Patti explains WAR, and what it is good for (absolutely something). All this, and Patti tries to roll a few Rs, and Pottymouth goads her into swearing.

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