We Need a Snow Day

What does it mean that there are no new HoF inductees? We celebrate Sarah Goodrum making history, Blue Jays and Reds boyfriends, and the Caribbean Series. All this plus women are less jerky and ARod is like cilantro.

Remember in the before times when we had the joy of snow days? Anti-vaxxers delay vaccinations at Dodger Stadium, which we firmly believe disrupts both the possibility of fans in stands and the opportunity for snow days. Women continue to rock baseball, as Sarah Goodrum becomes the first woman to serve as a minor league hitting coordinator. For the fourth time in 50 years, the Hall of Fame voters elected 0 new members -- this time it seems character counts.  We ponder inconsistency over time, possible changes moving forward, and compare ARod to cilantro. 

Our Blue Jays boyfriends may be duking it out at 2B, with Pottymouth picking Santiago Espinal, and Patti claiming Marcus Semien, who she had planned on choosing later as an A.  It’s Sho time in the Cincinnati Reds outfield where Pottymouth takes veteran Shogo Akyama and Patti really, really wants to have a beer with Jesse Winker. Fire up ESPN Deportes and watch the Caribbean Series -- Pottymouth profiles the teams so you can pick your favorite. We don’t bother with a spring training countdown because we still don’t believe it is happening on time.

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