Goofy But Never Abrasive

Patti and the Pottymouth celebrate Valentine's Day with MLB's updated harassment policies and health protocols, White Sox and Cardinals boyfriends, animal documentaries, pro-tips about vaccines, Big Sexy, and a terrible rendition of "Wild Thing." We are all about the romance.

The League updates harassment and discrimination policies, expanding mandatory training beyond players to include staff and front office executives. A new anonymous hotline for reporting violations has been established, and although we are in favor of these baby steps, Pottymouth proposes going full public school and mandating reporting for anyone who hears of violations. Giant steps backwards in fan engagement, however, as MLB cleans house of social media coordinators. The League and the Player’s Association agreed on health and safety protocols for the coming season, learning from last year.  Expected behavior is spelled out very clearly, as are consequences, and the wearing of not-quite-ankle bracelets.

Pottymouth introduces you to some relative unknowns in our boyfriend segment, Jose Abreu for the White Sox and Nolan Arenado for the Cardinals.  Keep an eye out for these players with Cuban connections, they may make names for themselves one day.  Patti’s CWS pick of prospect Andrew “Please give me Ricky Wild Thing Vaughn’s number” Vaughn offers a chance for a romantic Valentine’s Day serenade from your hosts. For the Cardinals, Patti swaps in “family dinner” for the “have a beer” requirement and chooses brainy infielder Tommy Edman.

It’s always a good day when we can talk about Big Sexy. All this plus helpful vaccine hints, animal documentaries, and international baseball.

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