Bat Flips, Puns, and Gerrymandering

We focus on swagger, utility, puns, and great food for this week's boyfriend picks for the As and Padres. In COVID news we have good numbers, bad decisions, and E-Rod and his recovering heart are back. Cheers to women in baseball at the University of Rochester, and all of Puerto Rico. Plus Lou Gehrig Day, the police blotter, and breakfast baseball approaches. ep 177 3/9/2021

Pottymouth narrows the field to white guy bat flippers for her boyfriends this week.  For the As, she picks big league foodie Mark Cahna, and for the Padres, the man on the wrong end of our favorite play ever witnessed in person, Trent Grisham. Patti goes for utility and puns with her picks.  Chad Pinder wins her over for the As with his work with special needs kids, and “that Cronenworth guy”, Jake Cronenworth for the Padres.

COVID numbers look good around the league, some ballparks are planning on fans in the stands, and some former boyfriends make bad decisions. Eduardo Rodriguez, and his recovering heart, makes his first post-COVID start.  MLB designates June 2 as Lou Gehrig Day. Sam Dyson’s season-long suspension headlines our police blotter this week, but Mickey Calloway is now a regular there.

The University of Rochester welcomes catcher Beth Greenwood as the second woman to play NCAA Division 3 baseball.  Puerto Rico’s womens baseball league doubles in size -- follow Edwin Hernández to keep tabs on that. Opening Day approaches for our favorite breakfast baseball, the CPBL. Maybe Daniel Kim can help us watch KBO games this year. Patti works “gerrymandering” into the conversation.

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