That All Star Game Thing was Us, Right?

Opening weekend brought us highlights and heartbreaks we didn't see coming, including unprecedented agreement with Rob Manfred and a return to 2020. We've got a PSA on probable cause, deep appreciation for all things Nick Castellanos, a no-no in the CPBL, a pinch-drummer, and the Fantasy Boyfriend Baseball League kick-off.

Opening weekend was full of heartbreak and highlights we didn’t see coming. Approving of a decision by Rob Manfred has us reeling, so we take you through the decision-making, and the aftermath, of yanking the All Star Game from Atlanta. Turns out it wasn’t just our rant, and there are also grammatical issues. Miggy’s homer in the snow, and outstanding pitching brought the fun, as did stellar boyfriend performances by Jose Abreu and Michael A. Taylor.  BTW, Eloy Jimenez is NOT dead, please stop scaring us. The COVID outbreak in the Nationals organization was a gut punch. It’s still 2020, people.

Pottymouth’s discussion of the dropping of “felony marijuana charges” against Luis Campusano leads to a PSA about probable cause (we aren’t lawyers but one of us may or may not teach HS government), complicated math about what quantity of drugs equals 79 “games”, and a general afterschool special about pot. Also in the police blotter, we continue to dislike Carlos Correa (don’t mess with Chappy), and express general approval of all things Nick Castellanos, including baring his neck to Yadi the Alpha Wolf.

Our grooming segment awards best opening day hair kudos, and some general appreciation of “fit” pitchers. My. Cleveland babysteps to a less racist place, and features a pinch-drummer for Opening Day. We celebrate Tim Melville (and his mom) and his CPBL no-hitter! We welcome new teams to the Fantasy Boyfriend Baseball League (Glen, Bryan, Diane, Karen, and Marla) and promptly lose to them.

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