It's Sports Bras or Nothing

The British Baseball Federation clearly does not involve women in the development of their women's league. The Diamondbacks and the Rizzo-Freeman Bromance bring the fun, and Roberto Alomar brings the heartbreak. We say "topless," "Honkbal," and "I agree with Joe Girardi."

The British Baseball Federation demonstrates exactly why women should be involved in every level of the development of a women’s baseball league. And causes us to state for the record that we will not work topless. We celebrate David Peralta, Eduardo Escobar, Anthony Rizzo and Freddie Freeman for bringing the fun. Joey Votto, Shane Bieber, and Vladdy (and his Daddy) reach some “Bench”marks. Roberto Alomar is banned from baseball and Patti’s heart just can’t take any more. Pottymouth wants the Twitter trolls to back off from Jess McCann. Pitchers getting personal with their K celebrations cause benches to clear in the Reds/Cubs series as well as the Mets/Phillies where Dominic Smith calls out Jose Alvarado and we agree with Joe Girardi more than once, stunning us both. The Disney Prince is a pottymouth and his mom does NOT approve.

On one hand, Atlanta’s Truist Park is going to 100% capacity, on the other, Fenway is hosting high school graduations, many parks are hosting university commencements, and Progressive Field has a prom. Get your #HoltOffCancer shirt, if you can get past the cowboy hat. The independent Pioneer League eliminates extra innings with hockey-style shoot-outs. We want Australia to get it together with women’s baseball, but acknowledge that at least they are trying. Honkbal. And Patti says Glen when she means Bryan.

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