Sticky Business

Hot young boyfriends hitting bombs, a sticky situation we could have dealt with So Much Better, a brawl with an outrageously high qHAR, and a minor league housing crisis. All this, plus cocktails in baseball-shaped glasses.

Patti and Pottymouth poke holes in the sticky substance mid-season zero tolerance enforcement plan, Seriously, we have a million better approaches to solving this problem. The Disney Prince is already hurt, umpires are in a stop and frisk situation, and the Astros have still never been punished for actual cheating. Joey Votto is Abigail’s hero, and ours too. The Os vs Blue Jays series gives us hot boyfriends hitting bombs and a bench-clearing brawl with exceedingly high qHAR (quality hair above replacement) thanks to Vladdy and Freddy Galvis. Their Saturday game was a derby itself, with Patti’s Os bf and pick for ROY Ryan Mountcastle making a bid with a 3 homer performance, previous bf Cedric Mullins with two, and current TOR bf Marcus Semien with two. Did we mention Baby Shark is back?

AA Bowie BaySox players come close to sleeping in their cars because of unnecessarily excessive housing costs vs tiny, tiny paychecks. Thank you More than Baseball for providing housing grants to minor league players and generous fans offering to host players or raise money to pay their housing costs, but maybe, just maybe, billionaire owners should do the right thing. Pains us to say this but the Astros are a good model here housing players in team-owned apartment houses near all their affiliate parks. MLB eliminates a whole slew of COVID  protocols for fully-vaxxed players and staff, and just about all ballparks go to 100% capacity. What could possibly go wrong? Pottymouth laments the Dbacks’ losing streak and the subsequent lack of dancing.

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