Pitching Problems? Get Naked.

NCIB officially endorses Sonny Gray’s "get naked" solution to a rough pitching outing. The solution to everything else is ¡Más Kiké! Or vaccines. Coach Rachel Balkovec shrugging off of the Kelenic foul ball to the leg, and Jose Barrero shaking the qHAR lead our Futures Game takeaways. We fear for Rated R night at the Lake Elsinore Storm -- if they rule out language and nudity that leaves only violence. Be careful out there!

NCIB officially endorses Sonny Gray’s solution to a rough pitching outing.  Take a moment to get naked. If only that worked for all the pitchers from our Padres and Cleveland flocks currently on the IL and messing with our fantasy teams. Actually the solution to everything is ¡Más Kiké! Or vaccines.  Getting vaxxed would have solved a lot of issues for the Phillies -- Patti is not happy with current Phils bf Alec Bohm. We make our Home Run Derby picks knowing full well all our listeners already know the outcome, but we had a good time doing it. Our bfs are all over the ASG, on the reserves and sub lists in addition to the starters announced last week, but our hearts go out to Ronald Acuña Jr

Rachel Balkovec
and her shrugging off of the Kelenic foul ball leads our Futures Game takeaways. In our Police Blotter headline, The housekeeper at the Denver hotel who discovered the enormous weapons stash should be throwing out the first pitch for sure. Bauer remains on administrative leave, but the union would have to approve any additional extension.  But bobbleheads and merch are OUT.

CPBL is starting back up, the KBO is cancelling games due to COVID, and we may just have declared for Team Mexico in the Olympics. Maybe. Really though we just want to say Es pi NO sa a million times. Willie Ross, the Doctor Dad of Nats pitcher Joe Ross, saves a Giants fan from choking at Oracle Park.  (insert Nats choking joke here). When you take away language and nudity from your R Rated night at the Lake Elsinore Storm game, you’re left with only violence.  Be careful out there.  Hey! Celebrate Women in Baseball Week by submitting a video to the International Women’s Baseball Center.  We’ll be watching for it.

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