Pickled Biscuits, No Rocks

The Cleveland Baseball Team becomes the Guardians and we've got the footnotes to explain it. It's Women in Baseball Week and we are celebrating a hugely successful girls baseball tournament and an historic all-woman baseball broadcast team. We find baseball reasons to say Kimchee, the Vegas Strip, and Hobbit House.

The Cleveland Baseball Team officially becomes the Guardians, which requires footnotes (but we’ve got’em). It’s always Women in Baseball Week for NCiB, but this week it is official for the rest of the world. We re-cap the wildly successful Baseball for All Nationals and preview some steps to making college baseball more possible for women. We rant a little about the criticisms of the groundbreaking all-woman broadcast team that called an Os/Rays game last week, and give Patti’s former BF Anthony Santander some props for knowing what’s up. Pottymouth presents the obligatory Kiké Hernandez Appreciation Segment, and Jon Lester’s 2 run homer gives us an opportunity to name check Big Sexy.

We give explaining the Oakland A’s current status re the Port and the Strip our best shot. Our proposed scenario is drop an expansion team into Vegas because how cool would that be, and figure out how to keep the A’s where they belong. Montgomery, AL pickles their AA Biscuits to become Montgomery Kimchee for a day, to honor Korean culture. The CPBL is back, but Mitch Lively and the All Star Game are not, so our excitement is tempered. Olympic Baseball is about to start, but the Hobbit House may cramp Pottymouth’s ability to watch. But she’ll be in a frickin’ HOBBIT HOUSE. 

In our Police Blotter, CLE reliever Nick Wittgren, his wife, and children are all targets of online death threats because of a “bad day at work” and this needs to stop. Starlin Castro’s administrative leave and domestic abuse investigation continue on, and the hearing over Trevor Bauer’s restraining order gets kicked down the road. Did we need to know the color of his suit or that the Dodgers’ may enjoy some salary relief if he is suspended? Not so much. We do want to know what women were consulted as part of his vetting process. Hey, the NFL is going to fine unvaccinated players almost $15K if they violate COVID protocol. Now we’re talking.

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