Let's Go, New Guy!

The trade deadline gutted Cubs and Nationals, sent superstars to faraway places, upended qHAR, and gave the kids an opportunity to shine. We're all in for Kumar Rocker t-shirts and have a bone to pick with Steve Cohen. Congrats to the Blue Jays for finally making it home. We say "repechage," "hobbit," "bar mitzvah," and "bacon."

The trade deadline gutted the Cubs and Nationals, sent hometown heroes across the country to make immediate impacts, and gave us the “Let’s Go, New Guy!” chant. Not to mention the upheaval in qHAR (quality Hair Above Replacement) with Joey Gallo to the Yankees and Freddy Galvis to the Phillies. Patti and the Pottymouth give you the rundown on the most nerve-wracking and frenetic trade season we can remember. Please keep Daniel Brito, infielder for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Phils AAA) in your thoughts after his on-field collapse and subsequent surgeries over the weekend in Rochester. The Health Watch includes Fernando Tatis Jr.’s shoulder, the Disney Prince’s likely Tommy John, and CLE manager Terry Francona out for the season with a long list of maladies.

In dinger land, Joey Votto makes the old guys proud with his seven consecutive games with homers, while new guy Rodolfo Castro makes history notching homers for every one of his first five major league hits and new guy Seby Zavala’s first three hits, all homers, happened in the same game.

Mets owner Stephen Cohen leads off the Police Blotter with his bragging about paying newly-drafted players way below their worth. Will Kumar Rocker get the last laugh under the new NIL rules or is his bright future in jeopardy because the Mets backed away from their first round draft pick? Although Marcel Ozuna’s charges have been reduced from a felony to misdemeanor assault, MLB continues to investigate under the league’s domestic abuse policy. That same policy resulted in a 30 game suspension for Starlin Castro although details have not been made public.

The COVID report brings us the happy story of the Toronto Blue Jays finally returning home to the Rogers Centre, and the crap news of Trea Turner, Christian Yelich, Don Mattingly, and a host of others with positive COVID tests. In Olympic baseball coverage, Pottymouth brings us the vocabulary word “repechage” which has a very flowery and kind definition but Patti just thinks means “loser’s bracket.” We also say the words “hobbit,” “bar mitzvah,” and “bacon.”

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