#Fairball and Boyfriend Cred

The excellent #Fairball campaign shines a light on poverty wages for minor league players. NCiB BFs are finishing strong in the record books and the Clemente award nominations. We say kerfuffle, reading glasses, and Guatemala.

The NCiB Boyfriends are finishing strong in the record books, with Ryan passing Cal, BobbyD passing Ted,, and Salvy passing Johnny. Eric Hosmer is the answer to both of the Max Scherzer trivia questions from this week, Franmil hits #30 by request, and Christian Yelich fills the stands. Our BFs dominate the Roberto Clemente award nominations. Tony LaRussa makes a triumphant return to  the police blotter but is quickly overshadowed by KBO pitcher Mike Montgomery’s suspension for throwing a rosin bag at an umpire.

Advocates for Minor Leaguers make their point about poverty wages for players with their excellent #Fairball campaign, with support from High A players from Mets and Phillies, and fan actions around the country.  Show your support by wearing a #Fairball wristband, yours for a donation to the organization. Baseball for All is involved in two upcoming regional girls baseball tournaments, the Leighton Accardo Series in  Arizona, and our hometown DMV Series. Our COVID report has postseason mandates, legal challenges, and a what the actual hell

We say kerfuffle, reading glasses, and Guatemala.

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