Effectively Wild about Dusty

Pottymouth reminds us that the treasure that is Dusty Baker is not just about postseason success, but also vineyards and Jimi. Patti loves on those Hammers guys, despite her 1995 sportsgrudge flashbacks. Chopping the Chop is not going well, and neither is PETA's Arm Barn push. Thanks for the memories, Rem Dawg. We say Halle Berry, Kiss the Sky, and vegan hot dogs.

Our Halloween episode has Patti briefly revisiting 1995, a very scary year, in which she first built her sportsgrudge against the Atlanta Team. But now she loves “those Hammers guys” including effectively wild Ian Anderson, the magical Eddie Rosario, and the only Austin left standing. Pottymouth reminds us of the treasure that is Dusty Baker, the first manager to take five teams to the postseason, and possibly the only to prune his family vineyards *and* live through the Monterey Pop Festival at age 18 (the family station wagon made it too). Altuve makes moves on postseason homerun records, but Manny being Manny seems safe for now. Get your taco on Thursday - Thanks, Ozzie.

Odd for us to give credit to Bob Nightengale but he earns it for not using Atlanta’s team name in his USA Today pieces. The Hammers miss an opportunity to truly honor Henry Aaron by not announcing a team name change during the ceremony. Fox makes no effort to Chop the Chop, featuring it in crowd shots. Smuck and Boltz never mention it, or the war chant, while openly discussing the cheating chants. Rob Manfred defends it based on local markets and perceived support by the *regional* Native American community -- for a National Pastime? There’s now footage of a certain former president joining in on the Chop, albeit badly, so that’s really all you need to know.

Please PETA, use your powers for good instead of distracting us with your push to rename the bullpen the “arm barn.” Although that did give us a gem of a tune from Grant Brisbee. We are looking forward to seeing how much the Cleveland Baseball Team will have to pay the local roller derby team for use of the name “Guardians.” It’s going to be fun to watch Bob Melvin manage the Padres, a team with money, and we’ve got our eye on Raquel Ferreira in the Mets GM conversation. The MLBPA’s Player’s Choice awards feature Ryan Mountcastle among other Patti BFs. The untimely passing of NESN broadcasting great, Jerry “Rem Dawg” Remy brings all the feels for Pottymouth, including some warm and hilarious memories.

Do you have the MLBTV postseason package? You could be watching Dominican winter ball! LIDOM features Tio Albert, Fernando Rodney, and Willi Castro this year -- no excuses. Pottymouth’s Cardenales de Lara are undefeated in the LVBP, and finals have started in the Puerto Rican women’s league. Pottymouth celebrates it all by teaching us baseball vocabulary in Spanish.

We say Halle Berry, Kiss the Sky, and vegan hot dogs.

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