Mischief Managed

Vote on the pants and hair. That’s how Award Season: Boyfriend Edition might play out. The GM Meeting was "business as usual" with a side order of Scott Boras speaking truth about tanking. We lean into the labor issues, enjoy an international cross-over episode, and say “shenanigans,” “Mountcastle was robbed,” and “eat the rich.”

Vote on the pants and hair. That’s how Award Season: Boyfriend Edition might play out. Our guys did well across the Silver Sluggers and Gloves both Gold and Platinum (Patti 13, Pottymouth 11, if anyone is keeping score -- we certainly wouldn’t do that), but our pre-season predictions don’t hold up. You can still vote for your baseball bfs for the All-MLB team. It was “Business As Usual” at the annual GM meeting, at least according to every single GM quoted anywhere.  We do appreciate a good set of talking points. Scott Boras made a predictable splash by speaking the truth about tanking and the need to incentivize all teams to win. Pottymouth sets up the entertainment to come with Big Papi and ARod facing off on the newly-released Hall of Fame ballot.

It’s Labor Day in November as Patti takes you through the economic issues on both the players’ union and the league sides in collective bargaining. MLB sees a defined pot of money and is just talking about different ways to slice it up, whereas the players don’t put an upper limit on their value -- especially the younger players. We have thoughts about the proposal tying pay to fWAR, getting to arbitration and FA sooner vs eliminating negotiations altogether and keeping players under team control for longer, and changes to the draft to address tanking on purpose. We hypothesize on what it means that a majority of the union’s player subcommittee are pitchers, Boras clients, and Patti’s bfs.

Pottymouth’s favorite CPBL team could pull off a trip to the league championship, and has to spend some time explaining to Patti how the playoff system is real. The Korean Series is underway. We celebrate that LMB loves Fernando Rodney like we do, naming him Reliever of the Year. Former Pottymouth BFs Franmil (en route) and Franchy add to the fun of watching LIDOM. Daddy Yankee, new co-owner of the LBPRC’s Cangrejeros de Santurce, encourages more celebrities to shine a light on the league. The Hammers’ William Contreras heads to Venezuela to join the Cardinales, in a league where managers are setting records for shortest careers. Your vocabulary word of the week is “jonrón.”

We say “shenanigans,” “Mountcastle was robbed,” and “eat the rich.”

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