Beer with Grammy Pat

Our Royals and Marlins boyfriends give us a chance to revisit thoughts on PEDs, make bold predictions, hope for A+s over assholes, and want to drink with grandmas. Pottymouth's dad shares a Ted Williams story. We say “outfit,” “King of Staten Island,” and “naked, horizontal agreement." Ep 219 12/28

Upon further review, Adalberto Mondesi gets the Royals boyfriend nod from Pottymouth and Patti makes another early, bold choice for ROY with Bobby Witt, Jr. For the Marlins, Pottymouth hopes for A+ with Avisaíl Garcia, and your hosts want to have a beer with the maternal grandmother of Patti’s pick, Jazz Chisolm. As the lockout continues, there’s more time to explore the economics of it all, discuss the effect on injured players, and fill that last remaining manager gig with the A’s promotion of Mark Kotsay.

Who could predict that the Staten Island Yankees would provide the bridge between the welcome news of the Pirates hiring of development coach Caitlyn Callahan, and Police Blotter coverage of the antitrust lawsuit against MLB? International baseball brings us players giving back in LIDOM, LMP showing its range from “Mujeres en el Diamante” down to a wobbly umpire, and LPBRC bringing in some favorites, along with welcoming back fans. We tease our upcoming interview with none other than the NCiB legend that is Pottymouth’s dad. We say “outfit,” “King of Staten Island,” and “naked, horizontal agreement”

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