The Donut Hole of Limbo

The lockout means Joey Cora can get a job but Adam Eaton cannot. Have tissues at the ready for stories of our Angels and Rockies boyfriends. We've got an I told you so about Genevieve Beacom. We say “spreadsheet envy, “the the angels angels,” and “Joey from Friends.”
That’s where we find ourselves in lockout land. Coaches can get jobs (yay, Joey Cora!), but players can’t get jobs as coaches (Sorry, Adam Eaton!) There are rumors of new economic proposals but no one seems to be in a hurry to get this done. We learn that sleeping in your car at an intersection is not a crime.

Pottymouth selects Captain America-level nice guy David Fletcher as her Angels BF for this season. Patti gets a little weepy over Brandon Marsh’s family and is all-in on this center fielder. For the Rockies, Pottymouth shows up for Connor Kok-Wy Joe’s qHAR and stays for his strength of character. Patti wants to have a beer in the stands with Colton Welker’s mom, no matter which corner he plays. Genevieve Beacom’s scoreless inning for the Melbourne Aces is international news, and this is a pivotal week in winter ball playoffs. Learn the Spanish word for “hit by pitch.”

We say “spreadsheet envy, “the the angels angels,” and “Joey from Friends.”

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