Glass Ceilings and Outfield Walls

It's our first time declaring Guardians Boyfriends! Mets are also in the mix. It was the week of hiring women coaches, signing international prospects, and moving left field walls. We say travesty, Wordle, and flask.
We celebrate declaring boyfriends for the Guardians instead of “The Cleveland Team.” Pals Pottymouth and Patti choose pals Yu Chang and Bobby Bradley. For the Mets, Pottymouth looks to Yadi fan Tomás Nido, while Patti goes local with Adam Jones fan Khalil Lee. International Signing Day brings a phenomenon to the Nationals and “Little Altuve” to the Blue Jays. The League brought a disappointing economic proposal to the player’s union making it even less likely spring training will start on time. Adding to our list of what cannot happen during a lockout, we learn that if a player is pulled over for a DWI, the team can neither assist or discipline, yet. Players can announce retirements, however, so we wish Jon Lester well, offer thanks for the memories.

This is the week Rachel Balkovec became the first woman manager of a minor league team, Katie Krall’s hiring makes the Red Sox the first team with two women on the coaching staff, and the Blue Jays join the tiny groundswell, adding Jaimie Vieira as a minor league hitting coach. Winter Ball playoffs are winding up, and the independent Atlantic League ends their robo-ump and pitching mound experiments. Orioles Park moves the left field wall in an effort to lose the Coors Field East nickname. We say travesty, Wordle, and flask.

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Glass Ceilings and Outfield Walls
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