Drugs are Different Than Rules

NCiB's take on HoF voting gets all school teacher-y except for the road trip part. We've got Mariners and Phillies boyfriends, and catch you up on Serie del Caribe, already in progress. We make beer science happen, and say “sportsy,’ “rubric,” and “Who Dey.”
Patti and the Pottymouth make plans to join Big Papi at Cooperstown for the impending zoo and a voting makeover. There is some movement on both sides of the CBA negotiations but the stated  willingness on the part of the league to miss games is Very Disappointing. The Minors will start on time and eyes will be on the mandated housing for players and the newly un-mandated vaccine situation. Pottymouth makes a one of these things is not like the other game of her Mariners BF choice Kevin Padlo, while Patti picks Ty France, veteran of our local summer league. Nick “Jonas Brothers Flow” Maton gets the Pottymouth nod for the Phillies, and Patti completes the 2015 international signing BF set with Jhailyn Ortiz. We are in the thick of Serie del Caribe and Pottymouth catches you up on the highlights. The Guardians model drama-free ballpark longevity. We make science happen with a local IPA taste test (We are always Pro-Z but A is pretty darn good), and say “sportsy,’ “rubric,” and “Who Dey.”
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