Baseball Boyfriend Trifectas

CBA negotiations heat up, Cowboy Joe hangs it up, and Colombia blows it up. We complete So Many Sets with our boyfriend picks for the Blue Jays and the Reds. We say CTRL-F is my friend, thrusty swivel, and breakfast hockey

CBA negotiations
heat up a notch as the League tries to bring in the Feds while the Players instead bring in the fans. Cowboy Joe hangs up his chest protector and yet still no women umpires in sight. Pottymouth adds a prize to her Hernandez collection, naming Teoscar as her Blue Jays boyfriend. Patti puts in a bid for beer with the Biggios with her pick of Cavan. For the Reds, Pottymouth Blind Sides us by selecting Kyle Farmer, and Patti is swayed by qHAR, Mookie, and a wacky career path to pick TJ Friedl. Colombia comes out of nowhere to take the Serie del Caribe and Pottymouth tells us what we missed. Cedric Mullins further cements his boyfriend cred by sharing his Crohn’s Disease story. The Dodgers sign two players from Uganda, so can a Disney movie be far behind? We say CTRL-F is my friend, thrusty swivel, and breakfast hockey.

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