Get the Puck Outta Here

We cross-train with Olympic hockey and a Big Game, profile boyfriends on the Red Sox and Hammers, discuss the longest police blotter of all time, and catch up on CBA negotiations. We say “Contrerii,” “Austin Adjacent,” and “Hungry Like the Wolf.”
Superb Owl Sunday was the greatest cross training day of our lives. We discuss the problematic boys vs men conversation in Olympic hockey and then immediately reference baby goalies, and Patti gets uppity about her alma mater. This week brings the longest police blotter of all time, featuring domestic abuse, assault, a class action suit, and controlled substances. We are very quick to judge, but that’s the beauty of us.

Pottymouth has had her eye on new Red Sox boyfriend Jarren Duran all through winter ball, and possibly since the 80s. Patti dips into Red Sox prospects and finds Hudson Potts who comes with a hitting coach overtly recommending him as boyfriend material. Are we at the World Series Champion Hammers already? ATL catcher William Contreras, Willson’s little brother, catches Pottymouth’s eye, while Patti picks tenacious veteran Adam Duvall. The commissioner assures us the league is doing everything they can to “get a deal done for our fans” except, apparently, make sincere workable proposals that come anywhere near addressing what the players need. We say “Contrerii,” “Austin Adjacent,” and “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

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Get the Puck Outta Here
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