Pride and Prejudice

MLB celebrates Pride month except where it doesn't. The Ohio House sneaks horrific language about a mandatory verification process for "suspected" trans school athletes into an unrelated bill. We encourage you to give the X-Man the C, watch college baseball, and note that Patti is better than Mike Trout. We say “All purpose reactionary,” “Tampa Bay is the least objectionable part of Florida,” and “Life changing pep talk without wearing pants.”
We’ve got a position player pitching! Patti is out with the plague which counts as down by 6 runs, so West Coast Correspondent Deborah joins Pottymouth and her Jamesons-spiked coffee for this week’s show.

We give a rundown on notable Pride month actions including Tampa Bay using the Progress Pride symbol (which is inclusive of black and brown and trans people) but leaving it to an “individual decision by players” as to wearing it or not. The Dodgers celebrate their 9th Glenn Burke Day, wearing pride hats on the field for the first time.  On June 11th, for Pride Day at Oracle Park, the Giants and Dodgers will be the first teams to jointly wear their progress pride hats on the field at same time. The Blue Jays get a nod for availability of gender-neutral bathrooms and donations to a local organization working with their staff on diversity and inclusion. Again the Yankees say “We don’t do any theme nights” and the Texas Rangers are silent.

Meanwhile, the Ohio’s GOP-led house snuck language mandating a verification process for “suspected” trans athletes into an unrelated bill. This subjects any school athlete suspected of being trans to an external and internal examination. This horrific proposal affects everyone and could happen anywhere. It's everyone's responsibility to fight it so vote accordingly. Let the kids play.

Patti’s Nats bf Lane Thomas has a 3 home run game, and former bf Willians Astudillo not only stole a base on May 28, but then pitched a scoreless inning vs the Giants. Former bf (and current West Coast Correspondent bf) Joc Pederson’s 3 home run game, was capped by a single leading to a walk-off win. What lead to his all time great hitting game?  Joc says “Barry Bonds was at the park and I talked to him for an hour.” Tommy Pham calls Mike Trout the worst commissioner in fantasy sports, which proves that Patti is better than Mike Trout with the possible exception of hitting and fielding (although we don’t know that for sure). Xander Bogaerts broke the record for games played at short for Red Sox at 1094.  Give the longest tenured player on the team the C!

Patreon supporter Bryan Jones uses his power for good to remind us all to watch the NCAA College Baseball Tournament. We share his LSU-centric thoughts including players to watch citing sexy defense and exceptional qHar, yet still manage to work in a go Terps! And a Buster Posey mention. Our fantasy league acted locally to punish Aaron Judge for denigrating OPACY. The Kids made their one and only trade ever to rid themselves of the perp, with the Leftovers promising to keep him on the bench.

We say  “All purpose reactionary” “Tampa Bay is the least objectionable part of Florida,” and “Life changing pep talk without wearing pants.”

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Pride and Prejudice
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