I’ll get the Woo, You get the Hoo

We enjoy a boyfriend HR barrage, including three in a row off Gerrit Cole. There's lobbying for qHAR points and adding the "I don't care" tool. We encourage action against transphobic bills harming student athletes, revisit the Ray and Pride, and correct the governor. We pitch an Angelos family mini-series and attendance at collegiate summer league games. We say “man bun,” “wealth of baseball-adjacent knowledge,” and “my dad looks nothing like Pedro Martinez.”
Patti is back from the plague, in time for the boyfriend home run barrage. Former bfs light up Gerrit Cole for home runs in the first three batters of a game. Three bfs currently on the Nationals homer back to back to back. Pottymouth wants bonus qHAR points for clutch pitching from Camilo Doval. Adley’s bat wakes up, Jake’s stays woke, and Jazz introduces the “I don’t care” tool to the collection. The Corrections department revisits the Rays and the Pride upheaval, and corrects Florida Governor DeSantis as everything he knows is wrong. 

Will LaRussa firmly taking responsibility for his decisions prevent him from following in the footsteps of Joe Maddon and Joe Girardi? The Angels bring out the disco for Jared Walsh’s cycle, and we debate whether their City Connect unis are pretty good or just fine. We are horrified by the number of transphobic bills harming student athletes and encourage you to act locally. The Angelos family, owners of the Orioles, bring the drama. Sons of Hall of Famers and All Stars stack the Brockton Rox and remind us to remind you to find your nearest summer collegiate baseball league and take in some games.

We say “man bun,” “wealth of baseball-adjacent knowledge,” and “my dad looks nothing like Pedro Martinez.”

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