Stop SAYING Things

Patti and The Pottymouth bring you the SCOTUS rant you knew was coming, complete with checklists. We remind you that you personally can ruin a no-hitter (or a combined no-hitter WHICH IS DIFFERENT), or slow down a game. And sometimes you are stuck with unattractive mustaches because you don't mess with a streak. We say “Super spreader bat mitzvah,” “Even the mustard is gay,” and by popular demand, “Anzoátegui.”
We learned that commenting on the pace of a game in progress is as bad as saying “no-hitter” in the midst of one, and get called “Karen” for noting that a combined no-no is different from a no-no. We launch into the SCOTUS rant that you knew was coming, but don’t worry, we deftly tie it to baseball and provide a checklist of specific actions including standing up AND sitting down, and being like Lauren. Pottymouth loses another boyfriend due to character flaws, we get a “Let’s Go, Jeter” chant at Fenway that we can get behind, and Patti remains stuck with Adley’s mustache because you don’t mess with a streak. Hell has frozen over as we agree with Buck over Dusty. Pottymouth proposes a qHar bracket. 

We introduce you to Proud to be in Baseball, founded by Bryan Ruby, which supports LGBTQ+ ballplayers in high school, college, and beyond. Rainbows appear in LMB (the Mexican baseball league) and we learn non gendered vocabulary words in Spanish! The Venezuelan Women’s baseball semi-finals concluded this weekend, with Pottymouth noting 3 women umpires, and the ability to watch games on YouTube. Patti shares the joy of the pressbox during collegiate summer league games. We say “Super spreader bat mitzvah,” “Even the mustard is gay,” and by popular demand, “Anzoátegui.”

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