Walk-Off Bingo

Pottymouth returns from Fenway with stories of a hero named Jeter. The Os force Patti into devising a walk-off bingo card. There's a plan for the World Baseball Classic, and we prepare you for the upcoming draft. We say “little umbrellas in our drinks,” “hard and bitter,” and “Chipotle or lobster?”
Patti and the Pottymouth record from neighborhood brewery 3Stars and wish them a fond farewell on their last day of operations. Pottymouth has been back to Fenway so she has a LOT to say, including reports of a hero named Jeter. Patti celebrates the return of Corey’s bat, the historic naming of Jazz to the All-Star roster, and the water wings of probable future BF J-Rod. There is pondering over the Os just being fun, or are they actually good. The UK hosts Derby X (is it “ex” or “ten?  We  don’t know!) which sounds exactly like something we would come up with over tasty beer at a local brewery.

Patti gives you the basics on how next week’s draft works, as well as an overview of the latest proposals for an international draft. Important events in girls baseball are happening from T-ball to elite levels. Advocates for Minor Leaguers toss around terms like “minor league conspiracy” and “illegal” in their response to the Senate request for information on MLB’s antitrust exemption. Pottymouth makes travel plans for the World Baseball Classic. We say “little umbrellas in our drinks,”  “hard and bitter,” and “Chipotle or lobster?”

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