Youthful Exuberance and School Nights

Astros in 5 or Phillies in 6? Businesslike or scrappy? Sympathy for the old guys or celebration of the kids? We're two games into the World Series and we have opinions. We take a minute to talk diversity on and off the field, celebrate awards, and take the wind out of the cheating theory sails. We can’t stop saying “perplexed,” in addition to “vision of a glorious basement,” and “You O’d out loud!”
We make our World Series calls official. Pottymouth asserts Astros in five, with all the feels for the old guys (Dusty and Justin), and the promise of the youngsters (Mauricio Dubón and Jeremy Peña). Patti leans into the joyful and the scrappy of what FoxSports calls the “Greatest College Baseball Team of All Time,” Phillies in 6. Fun fact about our skill in boyfriend selection, all runs in Game 1 were driven in by NCiB BFs. Hey, don't go looking for conspiracy theories regarding Martín Maldonado using illegal bats gifted by Albert Pujols. Safety is job one. Tony Clark, head of the player’s union, uses the moment to note this is the first World Series since 1950 without a single US-born Black player on either team. MLB youth programs to grow the game are encouraging, with 9 US-born Black players drafted in the first round, including 4 of first 5 draftees, most since 1992, but the lack of current players for kids to relate to make it an uphill battle. The dearth of Black managers and front office leadership is firmly under the control of MLB management where they can absolutely choose  who to hire.

Boyfriends with bats are all over the Silver Slugger nominees, and the Fielding Bible “Defense is Sexy” Awards highlight future Guardian picks. Pottymouth gives you the heads up on World Baseball Classic tickets in Miami and in Florida. The Serie del Caribe schedule is out so clear some February time to watch the Winter Ball championship. We’ve got an allegiance swap in the LVBP, and not just so we can say Anzoátegui and Sugar Jesus. MLB cancels the Korea Series, driving the KBO to admit to being perplexed. And now we can’t stop saying “perplexed,” in addition to “vision of a glorious basement,” and “You O’d out loud!”

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Youthful Exuberance and School Nights
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