Whatever, We Were Half Right

We're happy for Dusty, note that we had man of the hour Jeremy Peña first, and celebrate sexy defense. We say "drunk and appreciative," "I want to go to Aruba to think," and "fun is my second favorite f word."
We’re happy for Dusty, Pottymouth is happy for JV, Patti is resigned to scrappy not prevailing in the end. Birthday girl Pottymouth finds a way to make the World Series about the Red Sox and it just feels right. It also leads to more quality analysis of “combined no-hitter” vs. “no-hitter,” and big credit to the catcher, in this case Christian Vazquez. Jeremy Peña is the MVP and the “it” boy of the moment but we just need to note that NCiB claimed him first. No surprise that Patti names sexy defensive plays from Orioles Legend Trey Mancini and possible future BF Chas McCormick as Series turning points. And well that monster homer by BF Yordan Alvarez. The Phils had too much fun for this to be the end. 

In non-series news, Gold Gloves were awarded last week, with a strong showing from NCiB’s boyfriends, past, present, and probably future. Ronald Acuña shows up in Venezuela and winter ball/WBC rumors kick in, and with Idelmaro Vargas playing for the Cardinales we consider just hoping both teams have fun rather than throwing loyalty at a team. The Hot Stove will fire up and we note that shortstop free agents will be the big news and we look to contract extensions for some of the kids.  We say "drunk and appreciative," "I want to go to Aruba to think," and "fun is my second favorite f word." 

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Whatever, We Were Half Right
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