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Effectively Wild about Dusty

Pottymouth reminds us that the treasure that is Dusty Baker is not just about postseason success, but also vineyards and Jimi. Patti loves on those Hammers guys, despite her 1995 sportsgrudge flashbacks. Chopping the Chop is not going well, and neither is PETA's Arm Barn push. Thanks for the memories, Rem Dawg. We say Halle Berry, Kiss the Sky, and vegan hot dogs.

Seize the Moment to Chop the Chop

Patti and the Pottymouth break down the evils of the World Series teams and the pros come down to I love Dusty vs. I love those guys. In our efforts to show one team’s terrible is not quite as bad as the other team’s terrible, Pottymouth points out the small number of cheaters still left on the Houston team, and Patti suggests a 437 point plan to eliminate The Chop. We say appropriately tipsy, Texas Gay Rodeo Association, and “you’re dead to me.”

Your Cat Fur Won’t Help You Now

NCiB’s West Coast Correspondent and ace fantasy boyfriend baseball league manager Deborah guest hosts with Pottymouth while Patti hits the beach. We visit Kiké Korner, get to know Late Night LaMonte, check in on Moral Alignment dilemmas, and look ahead to Winter Ball. We say competitive ping pong, Honkball, cat fur, and United Wiffle Ball National Championship Tournament. Ep 209 10/19

Pearls are Always Appropriate

We’ve got Postseason Boyfriends, current and former, and Postseason Grooming featuring Joctober pearls and pitcher qHAR.

Baseball, Blink, and Butterbeans: Riley Adams Talks with NCiB

Nationals catcher Riley Adams hangs with Patti and the Pottymouth to talk growing up in San Diego, coming up in baseball, and walking up to the right song. We say yoga, yellow jeep, and extra big size candy, and try to meet Riley's parents.

How 'bout those Mompa Geese?

Patti and the Pottymouth propose a migratory bird name to replace the “Rays” if they split time between Tampreal and Mompa. We throw in for Pottymouth’s forever BF Juan Soto’s MVP bid. Her former forever BF Mookie Betts does right by Reds rookie TJ Friedl. We say “zoning board,” “bicep boys,” and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

#Fairball and Boyfriend Cred

The excellent #Fairball campaign shines a light on poverty wages for minor league players. NCiB BFs are finishing strong in the record books and the Clemente award nominations. We say kerfuffle, reading glasses, and Guatemala.

Drink Whiskey and Watch Juan Soto

It’s good to be a 10 year old baseball fan right now, if you are near Joey Votto, Yu Darvish, or Melanie Newman. We've got BFs chasing history, a pairing of fine whiskey and Soto Shuffles, Hunter stirring the pot, crosstraining with the Premier Hockey Federation, and donuts. We say “Old and in the gutter,” “maple bar with bacon,” “ratio of happy to sh**ty,” and “Happy Birthday” to Pottymouth’s dad.

Mullets, Chipotle, Thumbs, and Junk

We talk Javy and Francisco's thumbs, Andrew's qHAR, and Josiah's and Bryan's cleats. We've got a flood, a strike (not that kind), and deep disappointment. Maria Pepe is out there inspiring baseball-playing girls, and then there is Jose Ramirez's necklace. Ep 203.

Not Afraid To Fail

Our baseball boyfriends are trending up (see Salvy, Ian, and Will) and proving their cred (thank you, Franmil). Three weeks in, what's up with the pitcher's mound experiment in the Atlantic League? The COVID Report is back with a vengeance. We say colonies, condom clown, and first day of school.

Hey Miggy!

Miguel Cabrera is the 28th MLB player and first Venezuelan to reach 500 home runs. Patti’s pitcher pick Triston McKenzie is on a tear, plus extra credit for attention to qHar. We say Abigail Effect, Chipotle, boy bands, repechage, The Baseball Rule, and assumption of risk.

¡No Se Llora en el Béisbol! Una Entrevista con Francela Verdura

Note to our regular listeners - this special interview with the fabulous 14-year-old Costa Rican baseball/béisbol player Francela Verdura is in Spanish. If you understand Spanish - enjoy! If you don’t, we recommend giving it a listen to see what you can grasp. ¡Bienvenidos a nuestro primer episodio de No Crying in Baseball completamente en español! Pottymouth tuvo la fortuna de entrevistar a Francela Verdura, una pelotera jóven de Costa Rica quien vino recientemente al torneo de Baseball for All (Béisbol para todos) en Maryland.

It’s Not Even Kevin Costner’s Best Baseball Movie

Patti and the Pottymouth celebrate their 200th episode with a rant. Turns out we have some opinions and suggestions regarding the Field of Dreams game. We've got love for Tyler Gilbert, Joey Votto, and Chris Sale and his weird shirt. We say Pete Rose (more than once!), climate change, the Czech Republic, and for the 200th time, Goodnight, Pottymouth!

Got Our Ducks in a Row

Patti and the Pottymouth return from road trips visiting Ducks, of the Rubber and Wood variety, respectively, to bring you their Olympic Baseball breakdown, weekly Police Blotter heartbreak, and a call to action for Minor League Baseball.

Let's Go, New Guy!

The trade deadline gutted Cubs and Nationals, sent superstars to faraway places, upended qHAR, and gave the kids an opportunity to shine. We're all in for Kumar Rocker t-shirts and have a bone to pick with Steve Cohen. Congrats to the Blue Jays for finally making it home. We say "repechage," "hobbit," "bar mitzvah," and "bacon."

Pickled Biscuits, No Rocks

The Cleveland Baseball Team becomes the Guardians and we've got the footnotes to explain it. It's Women in Baseball Week and we are celebrating a hugely successful girls baseball tournament and an historic all-woman baseball broadcast team. We find baseball reasons to say Kimchee, the Vegas Strip, and Hobbit House.

We Are Family

In this Davey Martinez appreciation episode, Patti and special guest co-host Junior Pottymouth catch you up on the aftermath of the shooting outside Nats Park, share some highlights from All Star week, some lowlights in the baseball world of domestic violence, and say "TikTok," "NFT," and nice things about Manny Machado for the first time ever on the show.

Pitching Problems? Get Naked.

NCIB officially endorses Sonny Gray’s "get naked" solution to a rough pitching outing. The solution to everything else is ¡Más Kiké! Or vaccines. Coach Rachel Balkovec shrugging off of the Kelenic foul ball to the leg, and Jose Barrero shaking the qHAR lead our Futures Game takeaways. We fear for Rated R night at the Lake Elsinore Storm -- if they rule out language and nudity that leaves only violence. Be careful out there!

All-stars and A**holes with Plake and the Pottymouth

Patti is off on vacation, so guest host extraordinaire Blake Kraus fills in and takes on the role of the rant for the team. There’s plenty to rant about in the Police Blotter segment with (CW/TW) Trevor Bauer, plus an update on dick-pic sender Jared Porter.

In the Name of Civil Disobedience, Drop Your Pants

The first week of enforcement of the sticky stuff rule resulted in dropping of pants and threats to do so. Pottymouth glows from Dustin Pedroia night at Fenway. Patti contemplates the effect of qHAR on media coverage of multi-homer games.

Sticky Business

Hot young boyfriends hitting bombs, a sticky situation we could have dealt with So Much Better, a brawl with an outrageously high qHAR, and a minor league housing crisis. All this, plus cocktails in baseball-shaped glasses.

Pride Month: Because of Being Kissing

Get the rundown on MLB Pride events, donations, swag, and atonement. We want dancing with our spinny things, love a first homerun, give a huge WTF to Anthony Rizzo, and have a new favorite Judge (sorry, Aaron). We say "air fried kale" and "sticky substances" too close together. Ep 191.

A House Divided

Pottymouth allows a Yankee fan into her home, and Patti test drives "I just hope both teams have fun." We catch you up on Olympic baseball, foreign substances, pitchers taking balls to the head, dog whistles, and 1200 options for the Cleveland team name.

Naked Guy Appreciation

The Nats Park streaker, bringing joy to millions, is banned for life. Mickey Calloway is banned a year and a half for sexually harassing at least five women. You see where this is going, don't you? Also, Marcell Ozuna, Loretta's Lounge, classic boyfriends, and lots of hats.

We Want to Retire Like CC Sabathia

You know it’s serious when Tony La Russa and his unwritten rules aren’t the worst thing in our Police Blotter. Hello, Felipe Vazquez. The Mariners provide a vaccination object lesson. Da Wink hears MVP chants, Miggy gets closer to 500, and there are so many Andersons.

"You meet a girl who plays baseball, and you're meeting a bada*s"

Meet the founder of DC Girls Baseball and four tenacious, focused, fearless young ballplayers who change the world every day by playing on their high school teams despite being told they should be playing softball instead, working twice as hard to play a game they love, and traveling hundreds of miles if that’s what it takes to find their team.

Feudalism and Bad Faith

The Astros bring us “feudalism” as our vocabulary lesson, the LPBRC looks the other way with Roberto Alomar, and both the player’s union and officials from the City of Oakland call the commissioner’s office on operating in bad faith. And still our biggest rant involves cross-training with high school softball in North Carolina and, yes, suspect rules about hair. Ep 187 5/18

Baseball Moms, Albert Pujols, and a Ratcoon

We moms who love baseball celebrate Mothers’ Day with actual Baseball Moms, Stephanie and Diana, of the Moms and Baseball podcast. We bond over words to live by, good snacks, the Akron Rubber Ducks, and Tim’s mom. Also, a rant about Pujols, a story about a Ratcoon, and vaccine bribery (in a good way). Ep 186.

It's Sports Bras or Nothing

The British Baseball Federation clearly does not involve women in the development of their women's league. The Diamondbacks and the Rizzo-Freeman Bromance bring the fun, and Roberto Alomar brings the heartbreak. We say "topless," "Honkbal," and "I agree with Joe Girardi."

Arugula, Coffee, and Righteous Indignation

Join us as we celebrate AS*HAT Day, discuss the food choices of ballplayers, and try to make “crepuscular” a baseball word.

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