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HOPEning Day!

We always look forward to Opening Day, but it just feels different this time. We are moving in the right direction -- it’s HOPEning Day. But don’t worry, we also have rants. And mezcal. MLB needs to yank the ASG from Atlanta to make them pay for voter suppression. We've got our starting lineups, rock-solid predictions, hall monitors, and a new monkey.

Don’t Hit Your Brother: It’s Pitcher Day

Patti and the Pottymouth select their 2021 pitching squads, profiling the Padres and Cleveland teams. We turn a drug bust into a labor issue. We put the Mad in March Madness, say scrunchie way too much, Pottymouth gets a tiny bit vulgar, and Patti sings Soft Cell.

At Least There’s No Tailgating

We've got Opening Day superspreaders in the works, and a whole minor league laboratory of new rule experiments. We make our last boyfriend picks of the season, from the Rays and the Dodgers. And of course rainbows, scales of justice, steaks, and school picture day.

Bat Flips, Puns, and Gerrymandering

We focus on swagger, utility, puns, and great food for this week's boyfriend picks for the As and Padres. In COVID news we have good numbers, bad decisions, and E-Rod and his recovering heart are back. Cheers to women in baseball at the University of Rochester, and all of Puerto Rico. Plus Lou Gehrig Day, the police blotter, and breakfast baseball approaches. ep 177 3/9/2021

Like Chess, but for Sports

The return of spring training means the return of our grooming segment, featuring Francisco Lindor, all the feels, thanks to Trey Mancini, and great confusion as to the rules. Kevin Mather says too many things out loud. Twins and Atlanta boyfriends, and the police blotter goes international.

Patti Gets an Omar Vizquel Do-Over

Pitchers and catchers reported last week so we’re back with the COVID numbers, the Blue Jays staying south of their border, and baby steps to fans in the stands. NCiB poster boy Fernando Tatis, Jr. is a Padre for life, and forces us to do complicated math. All this plus a Police Blotter, Cleveland and Cubs Boyfriends, and we drink more than Joe Buck.

Goofy But Never Abrasive

Patti and the Pottymouth celebrate Valentine's Day with MLB's updated harassment policies and health protocols, White Sox and Cardinals boyfriends, animal documentaries, pro-tips about vaccines, Big Sexy, and a terrible rendition of "Wild Thing." We are all about the romance.

Finding Jesus in Miami

Our Marlins boyfriends have us talking way more Jesus than usual, and we celebrate our once a year say nice things about the Yankees day. Oh, Mickey (Calloway). We ponder paintball possibilities for Trevor Bauer, and wish Sean Doolittle well. The Caribbean Series concludes properly and the NWHL concludes disappointingly.

We Need a Snow Day

What does it mean that there are no new HoF inductees? We celebrate Sarah Goodrum making history, Blue Jays and Reds boyfriends, and the Caribbean Series. All this plus women are less jerky and ARod is like cilantro.

Make Atlanta Hammers Happen

Now is the time, Atlanta. Honor Hank Aaron and eliminate your problematic baseball team name in one fell swoop. Hammerin’ Hank deserves it. We've got a serious teaching moment about why asking women is crucial, Astros and Brewers boyfriends, and Silver Branch beer in Wicked Weed barware. Ep 171, 1/26/21

Never Fear, the Bunker has Sports

Never fear, dear listeners, our bunker is six miles from the military lockdown in place to protect a peaceful transfer of power, and we have sports. And beer. Mariners and Giants boyfriends, political contributions, playoff time in Winter Ball, and VallyCats scorned round it out this week.

“At Least They Have the Browns”

Cleveland fans mourn the loss of Francisco Lindor and Cookie Carrasco, as the Mets made the hottest of hot stove moves last week. Love is in the air, and not just for our Royals and Phillies boyfriends. We've got dreadlocks, bobbleheads, and an attempt to compare the Browns-Steelers game to the CPBL. Ep 169 1/12/2021

Damn, Bianca

The Red Sox hire Bianca Smith, the first Black woman coach in MLB, who could not be more impressive. We may have to come up with a new boyfriend category. San Diego is stacking aces, we’re picking Mets and Angels boyfriends, and Pottymouth is never gonna see that $10.

In Which Patti Breaks a Boyfriend Rule

In a purely mercenary move, Patti goes Mike Trout-ish with her Orioles boyfriend, whereas Pottymouth sticks to hair, vegetables and kryptonite. Plus Nationals boyfriends, good luck to Howie, and the still-missing Manny.

Games Seven, Attorneys General, and Hunters Renfroe/w?

Too little, too late, yet ultimately good decisions about the Negro Leagues and also Cleveland Baseball. We've got generous, hard-hitting, and dare we say it, "adorable" boyfriends from the Red Sox and Rockies. Please give all of your money to Reinas Baseball. Manny gets lost down under, and Omar continues to bring the heartbreak.

The State of the Minors: It’s Just a Flesh Wound

Owners of the 120 teams “invited” to remain or become affiliated with an MLB team are ticked. The teams that were cut are ticked. It’s bad all around, and Pottymouth wants a lawyer. We've got Tigers and Diamondbacks boyfriends, and Manny Down Under. Ep 165 12/15

Pottymouth Has Never Seen High School Musical

The return of our baseball boyfriend segment leads to the discovery of an unfortunate vacuum in Pottymouth’s pop culture experience. She’s never seen High School Musical, and it shows. “Hair guy” Cole Tucker, her choice for Pirates BF, is also Vanessa Hudgens choice for BF, and we are all in this together.

The Incredible Women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

Patti and the Pottymouth welcome back illustrator, designer, writer, and baseball fan Anika Orrock, to talk about her book, “The Incredible Women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.” Anika shares stories of conversations with these Incredible Women, and fitting together her illustrations, comic strips, narrative, and players’ quotes into a cohesive whole, à la Criminal Minds. Ep 163 12/1/2020

Viva la Revolución

Theo Epstein moves on from the Cubs, leading us to consider a new role in MLB, “the People’s Commissioner,” which may or may not involve a revolution. Wrigley Field gets an historical designation that we can’t believe it didn’t already have. We’ve got happy minor league news for a change, and teams doing good work in the community.

Put Your Shoes On, There’s Glass Everywhere

We celebrate the long-overdue hire of Kim Ng, first woman GM in MLB. We continue the Tony LaRussa rant, roll our eyes at Jeff Luhnow, and cheer the MVP, Cy Young, RoY, and MoY award winners. Pronoun use makes us rethink our stupid boyfriend rules. It's opening day for Dominican baseball! 11/17/2020

Somebody Hire Danny Shih Right Now

Danny Shih spent months building community with English-speaking fans of the CPBL, running the league’s Twitter feed, creating hype videos and excellent game wraps. He joins Patti and the Pottymouth to relive the excitement of the Taiwan Series, and highlight what makes this league so special.

I’ll Take Lions for 1000, Alex

What a week! A couple of important wins, including NCiB going 2-0 in bets on the UniLions in the Taiwan Series. Pottymouth gives our pal, CPBL Social Media Guy Daniel Shih, dating advice and recaps the championship series. Patti steals a joke deftly combining the Electoral College and baseball. Also, Alex Cora, Mets, Tim Anderson, and yet another Justin Turner rant. Recorded 11/8/2020.

VOTE, and also, Why do the White Sox Hate Fun?

Are there really only three candidates qualified in the whole world of baseball for the (formerly) three open managerial positions? We rant a lot about Tony LaRussa, a little about AJ Hinch, and muse a bit about Alex Cora. Our pal, CPBL commentator Clive Hsu, joins us to talk Taiwan series and to join Patti's campaign to get Pottymouth a tattoo.

Wash your hands, wear your masks, and stay away from Justin Turner: A Rant

It’s the day after the end of the 2020 World Series and Patti and the Pottymouth are super tired, a little hungover, and very stressed. It’s a good time for a rant. Pottymouth is beside herself with Kevin Cash’s decision to pull Blake Snell while he was still dealing. We SAID it wasn’t a bubble. We SAID COVID would end the season. We hate being right.

“Man, Baseball is FUN”

We’d like Hunter Pence to buy us shots, please. The strong and steady of the Dodgers can be relied upon, but the chaos, surprises, and joy of the Rays is what is making the World Series fun. We’ve got unlikely heroes, dance teams, vocabulary lessons, and a bet won fair and square.

Nothing Better Than Games Seven

The World Series is here after two Games Seven and we take every opportunity to say Games Seven. We welcome friend of the show Holly Simonette to tell us about her death-defying visit to an NLCS game. No kidding, IN PERSON. We’ve got boyfriends current and future, we’ve got flow, we've got your "funny or dick move?" question, and we’ve got predictions.

Poetic Justice and Venezuelan Heartbreak

Mike Brosseau brings the poetic justice, Arozarena brings the moves, and just like that we are on the Rays train. Talk therapy and red wine help us analyze our feelings about Manny Machado, Cody Bellinger, and the heartbreak of the Omar Vizquel news. Plus bonus rants about the minors, and fans in the stands.

Cinderella, Magic, and Momentum

Patti and the Pottymouth welcome artist, writer, and baseball fan Anika Orrock to tell us about her vintage-style baseball illustrations, and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum art show and benefit. Tatis, Jr. and the Padres bring the magic, "Bottom Feeder" Marlins and frickin' Yankees bring the momentum, and CC Sabathia wins Pottymouth over with his eloquence.

How was Hunter Pence never an NCiB Boyfriend?

Hard to believe, but we got through the whole dang season. Patti and the Pottymouth give you their good, bad, and ugly of how it went, should it have gone? And what about all those new rules? This crazy Wildcard Week is just beginning so we try to lay it all out for you. We even make a few predictions with absolutely no conviction whatsoever.

Does Ian Anderson pitch standing on one leg?

Patti and the Pottymouth welcome Marla from the Mansplain Baseball Elsewhere podcast to talk Atlanta baseball. Playoffs are a week away so we get you prepped with the layout of the rounds, seeding, and quarantine rules. Please let Rippkin's daddy catch.

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